Historic Photos

OH6A Early Mockup

A very early mock-up, non-flying prototype of the future OH-6A.


OH6A Prototype

OH-6A prototype hovering in trees.


OH6A assembly line

View of the Culver City OH-6A assembly line in Building 15, the same building as the Howard Hughes “Spruce Goose” flying boat project in 1946. Note the rotor blade fairings which were used on only the first 40 units, being deemed as unnecessary for aerodynamics, and the 8-piece glass.


Culver City OH6A

Another view of the Culver City assembly line, Circa 1969. At one time, this building was the world’s largest wooden hangar! The rotor head assembly was found less than 50 feet from this camera vantage point!


Culver City Production

Culver City Production 1969

During the time between 1989-1993, Baron spent many days going through the hidden areas of this building searching for any Loach parts, which turned out to be very successful, including finding a complete rotor head assembly in the insulation above the third-floor office! Other items found were a laminated jukebox frame, and a complete laminated wood boat that Hughes engineers had designed prototypes during the 1940’s!  Baron also located a worker who was one of Howard Hughe’s 6 life-time employees who MDHC had no idea was working in this building in the old wire assembly area in the rafters!  He had been there since 1946!


Silver Eagles

68-17357 in the Silver Eagles paint scheme. Charlie Chopper was ship number “5” and performed the solo acts with the team, circa 1974.


Silver Eagles Crew

1975 Silver Eagles Support Team with Charlie Chopper in Background


Silver Eagles Decal

Official Silver Eagles decal donated by W4 Jim Schooner, who flew with the Silver Eagles.


Silver Eagles 1975

Charlie Chopper in Silver Eagles, somewhere in USA, 1975.


Silver Eagles 1975 Front

Charlie Chopper in Silver Eagles, 1975.


Silver Eagles Rear

Charlie Chopper in Silver Eagles, somewhere in USA, 1975.


Silver Eagles Formation

Charlie Chopper in Silver Eagles formation, somewhere in USA, 1975.

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