Dr. Smith

Dr. Baron Smith, the owner of 68-17357, is a native Texan who’s resided in Mesa, Arizona, since 1971. Baron served as a Navy aircrewman, mostly in F-4 Phantoms, during the Vietnam war. Upon returning, he served for a number of years as an Arizona Highway Patrolman, stationed near Yuma, Arizona. Baron then went to Hughes Helicopters (which later became McDonell Douglas Helicopters, then as Boeing Helicopters) where he trained and certified all the mechanics, electricians, and management in the assembly and flight testing of the then-new AH-64A Apache helicopter. Baron retired in 1994 to take a position as Executive Vice President of Royal Aviation/Lifeflite Air Medical Transport. Since that time, Baron has served as Director of Human Resources for an Austin, Texas-based television company and is presently Vice President of Human Resources and Risk Management for a large health care facility in Glendale, Arizona. In the evenings, Baron is a professor of Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Thesis Development, and Employment Law at four local universities. His hobbies are old helicopters and English sports cars.

1968 T33 at VX-4. This was the jet that we could get required flight hours, also served as photo chase plane for sorties of the F-4's.

Serving in the Vietnam War between 1967-1971.


1975 Baron DPS 74 Mercury

Arizona Highway Patrol, Yuma, Arizona


2005 Baron with J.D. Hayworth at Vets Parade.jpg

Posing with Charlie Chopper and Congressman J.D. Hayworth

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